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This shop has existed at this location since 2003. Many of our customers travel from Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Chilliwack, of course Mission, and all over British Columbia. We are know for being fair, as we understand hard times can affect anyone. 

All our listed prices include tax and we encourage negotiating, as... well... its fun.  It is also the best way for both customer and seller to feel better about any purchase and/or sale. 
What's a Pawn?
A pawn is a collateral loan. Bring us your item and we'll value it, give you the cash and hold your item here at the pawn shop until you pick it back up, at which time you'll pay for the loan amount plus interest.
Who can Pawn or Sell?
Anyone! Only thing you need to know is if pawning or selling, you must be 18+ and have valid government issued photo ID. All items pawned or bought are reported to the RCMP with serial numbers and detailed descriptions.

what we sell?

We have a wide selection of 10k, 14k, 18k, & 22k jewellery, electronics including gaming consoles & kitchen electronics.  We have tools, musical equipment and so much more.  
Rest assured that all items we buy or pawn are reported to the RCMP. For more info on our in house policies that prevent the black market of stolen goods, check out our Q&A page.

what we do?

We make instant cash loans or cash sales fast and easy! Want to sell something you don't use much anymore? Or maybe you need the cash, but do not want to part with your item? Come see us for a free estimation and quote. 


33075 1st Ave, Mission, British Columbia

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday : 11am - 4pm

Sunday: 11am-4pm

Holidays: Closed

**check google; this is a family shop. We sometimes close early, or take weekends around stats off


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